Bicycles in the New World

The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world on its knees. But instead of getting caught up with the problem, it is best we focus on solutions. For instance, the solution to public transportation and social distancing could be something that was in front of us all along: bicycles.

What would be the role of bicycles in the new world after this pandemic? We will go through this in-depth in this article.

Bicycling Health Benefits

Before we dive deeper on how bicycles can help us when it comes to social distancing, let us first discuss the various health benefits we can get from riding a bike. These health benefits can be gained through consistent use of bicycles. Check them out below.

  • Low impact exercise – for those who are not into weightlifting, or high-intensity workouts, cycling is a great way to get your cardio in. It’s low impact so you won’t feel over tired and drained after. There’s a lower chance of strains and injuries, too, compared to other forms of exercise.
  • Increases strength and stamina.
  • Easy exercise – unlike other forms of exercises, cycling is easy. It doesn’t require that much physical skill.
  • Good for mental health – cycling also provides benefits for mental health. It has been proven to lessen anxiety, stress, depression. 
  • Increase bone strength.
  • Great for multiple disease prevention and management
  • Increase in cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps improve posture
  • Helps improve mind and body coordination
  • Decreases the risk of heart diseases
  • Decreases the risk of getting cancer
  • Decreases the risk of diabetes

These are only some of the incredible health benefits we can all gain from bicycling. It has a lot more effects in different health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, bone injuries, mental illness and more. 

Bicycling and COVID-19

With almost half of the world in home quarantine and limited movement, researchers and governments are finding new ways to keep everyone safe. One of the main problems amidst this pandemic is transportation.

Not everyone has access to their own car, and most people rely on public transportation. However, public transportation seems like an unsafe option given the current circumstances. So, how do we get from point a to point b without sacrificing our safety?

The answer is plain and simple: bicycling. Experts from all over the world look at bicycling as a great approach to avoid jam-packed public transportation. 

In fact, people all over the world seem to think so, too, as well. London, Dublin, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, are only some of the biggest cities that have seen a spike in cycling in these past few months. 

This chain reaction has been happening all over the world. People are switching from public transportation to bicycling – and for good reason. According to urban planners, cycling is a great time to move ahead with green policy goals while still reassuring social distancing.

Cycling also helps lessen the traffic in crowded neighborhoods and cities. In addition to that, cycling can also help save everyone money on transportation. You don’t need to fill the gas tank, nor pay for a ticket. It keeps everyone healthy and active while running necessary errands. 

Bicycling in the New World

Now that multiple countries have started to flatten the curve, more and more cities are starting to ease down on their lockdown protocols. More businesses are starting to open, and the economies are up and running again.

The governments are acknowledging the increase in demand for more bike lanes by creating emergency bike lanes. There are also some cities that are temporarily expanding cycling infrastructure. While some are permanently expanding. 

More government officials are equipping their frontliners and essential health workers with e-bikes. Existing bicycle lanes are being expanded in multiple cities. 

The spike in bicycle use and demand has proved that cycling is a critical lifeline to many cities amidst these critical and uncertain times. It has also proven that bicycling is a supple mode of transportation that can contribute profitable benefits to cities in the future. 

If we all continue using bicycles as our primary mode of transportation on a daily basis, it can also positively impact our health and quality of life. It has been proven that cycling can help impact everyone’s health positively through developing improved urban air condition. 

According to researchers, regular cyclists reap a lot of health benefits from consistent exercise. These benefits include a 40% lesser chance of getting cancer. Cyclists are also 40% less likely to pass away prematurely. 

Not only that, but they are also 50% less likely to develop a heart disease. According to one study, there is a 15% increased risk of fatality from the current COVID-19 in cities where there are higher levels of air pollution. This is probably because of poorer lung health.

With cycling, we can all help lessen our carbon footprint and air pollution. Thus, improving lung health for everyone in the area. The physical activity we all get from cycling also helps improve individual resilience and better immune response to bacteria and viruses. 

Cycling may not be as fast as a car or a bus, but it can help everyone get from point A to point B safely. As we have already established, cycling can not only help improve our way of life and overall health, it is also a great solution to social distancing and public transportation. 

Now is the perfect opportunity to embrace cycling as a part of our new world going forward. It provides a win-win solution not just for the economic crisis, but for the health and environment crisis as well. 

Cycling helps economies recoup while constraining climate change, improving and conserving human health, and lessening air pollution. Here’s to hoping that more cities and government officials see the importance and benefits of bicycling.

Do you think cycling is a great new way of transportation going forward? Are you looking forward to using cycling as your main mode of transportation? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below! See you in the next article.

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