How Will E-Bikes Play a Role in the New World


The transportation industry has changed drastically over the past few months. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, public transportation has been limited. Because of this, people started looking for other options. 

A great solution for this public transportation problem are electric bicycles. With e-bikes, people can go from point A to point B without less worry. E-Bikes allow you to ride by yourself, which means you do not need to interact with a lot of people and possibly catch the virus. But how will e-bikes play a role in the new world? Let’s find out.

The Genesis of E-Bikes

Like most great inventions, e-bikes started off as a concept. Even though this modern bicycle only gained popularity a few years ago, you would be surprised that it was actually invented in 1987 by Hosea W. Libbey of Boston.

Libbey’s U.S. patented invention was propelled by a double electric motor that was designed within the hub of the crankset axle. Years later, the model was reinvented and imitated. 

Fast forward to the 20th century, e-bikes started gaining popularity as a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to motorcycles. It is also considered as a quicker, more efficient alternative to traditional bicycles. 

The invention of the hybrid e-bikes allow people to use the bicycles with battery power. When the battery runs out, the bike is still usable with pedals. By the year 2007, e-bike riders made up approximately 10 to 20 percent of two-wheeled vehicles everywhere. The numbers continue to grow from there.

How Does E-Bike Work?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of how e-bikes work, it’s important to know that there are two types of e-bikes, factory e-bikes and ‘Kit’ e-bikes. 

Factory e-bikes are designed from scratch. These are the ready models you can see in stores.  On the other hand, ‘Kit’ e-bikes are traditional bicycles with a retrofitted electric motor kit. The second type can fit most traditional bicycles and can be installed by the buyer.

Because of its popularity, e-bikes come in many different models. The models range between commuter bicycles to full-suspension mountain bicycles and more. These bikes can be used to commute, transport and even for leisure. 

So, how does an e-bike work? Similar to a regular bike, electric bikes have pedals and handles. The difference is that they can run on battery which means you won’t need to pedal most of the time. This makes your commute and transport easier. It also allows further travel. 

Typically, e-bike batteries require a full 8 hours to charge. For most models, this provides a range of 25 to 30 miles at 20 kilometers per hour. However, this does differ depending on the model and brand of the e-bike.

The Benefits of Using e-Bikes

Pedalata assistita

E-Bikes provide great benefits for those who have limited mobility. Not only does this innovative invention help you get from point A to point B with ease, it also reduces stress and impact on your body. 

Faster Bike Rides

If you are in a hurry to get somewhere, e-bikes cover the miles with little effort. This can be truly helpful especially if you want a traffic-free ride to work. Riding an e-bike reduces your travel time significantly. 

Same Health Benefits as Regular Bicycle

Just because it can run using a battery doesn’t mean it is not beneficial for your health. According to studies, riding an e-bike is just as good for your health as regular bikes. After all, it is still considered as an exercise for your body. It is great and peaceful activity that can help improve your physical and mental health. There are also different e-bikes that are customizable based on your fitness and health-related needs.

Saves Time & Money

Not only does e-bikes save time, it also helps you cut back on expenses. If you use it everyday to go to work, or run errands, save on how much money you can save from petrol and diesel, or cab fares. With e-bikes, you have the option to buy extra affordable batteries. 

Helps Save the Environment

Speaking of saving on petrol and diesel usage, e-bikes can also help save the environment by lessening your carbon footprint. These amazing bikes emit lower pollution per kilometer compared to regular 4-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. 

Remember, climate change and global warming are very real and serious issues. With an e-bike, you can help play your part in saving the environment.

How Will E-Bikes Play a Role in the New World?

Now that the whole world is transitioning to a ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 pandemic, governments from all over the world are looking into e-bikes as an alternative transportation. With e-bikes, people can practice safe social distancing when they go out. 

This helps lessen the potential spread of the virus, amongst its many other benefits. It also helps improve cardiovascular health and your immune system, which is crucial in fighting various diseases. 

There are a lot of big cities all over the world such as New York, Chicago, London, Dublin, and Philadelphia who are already in the process of building more bike lanes for their residents. This was because they have seen a spike in bicycle and e-bike users over the past few months.

People all over the world are petitioning for their local governments to start doing the same. Expanding and creating new bicycle lanes will help improve the daily journey for bike riders. 

In this new world that we live in, it is important to come up with modern solutions to our problems. The transportation industry is about to be reformed by going back to basics. And the use of e-bikes and bicycles are paving the way. 

If you are one of those who are looking for a great new way to travel around the city and have an adventure along the way, e-bikes are the solution. It is a safer, more efficient, eco-friendly and healthier way to commute. Wouldn’t you agree?

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