The passion for bike mobility and design (which is my profession) has led us to reconsider the concept of cargo-bike and its aims.
The starting point a blank page and a list of functions to perform.
  • be usable by two users;
  • be assisted;
  • have a large loading area;
  • be versatile;
  • Be reliable and robust;
  • Can be accessorized;
  • Have an unconventional design, i.e. not influenced by existing products.
The design

The design originates from the functions without formal preconceptions.

Federico Rossi


The design

The design originates from the functions without formal preconceived notions. This is how the sturdy double beam aluminium frame which, uninterrupted, surmounts both wheels exploiting the entire loading surface of the vehicle, was born.


Double beam

Around this double beam is articulated our whole concept. Inspired by the world of navigation and, in particular, the sailing, which is the most optimised and exploited environment in the mobility sector, we used a rail to anchor all existing and future accessories to the frame. In the interior space we have created “lockers” in which to store objects.


Surfaces and Wave

I decided to make this surface in natural wood (natural = sustainability) and to liven it up with a wave that connects the handlebar. The wave has become its distinctive graphic feature, also highlighted by the name Ondawagon.


The project

We believe that Rossi & Bossi’s project premises have been created with an absolutely original style. This is how Rossi & Bossi’s dream in the field of sustainable mobility was born and developed.

New Wave

In the hope of having made our small contribution to the new wave of the e-bike world in full and enthusiastic ferment.

Rossi & Bossi