Italian Design

Italian startup born between Milan and the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore with the desire to make an unconventional contribution to sustainable mobility.

The Project

From a vision of the architect Federico Rossi comes to life the Ondawagon Project: a long-tail e-bike, versatile, solid and original.


In order to integrate and make it easy to assemble and use the many accessories, the double beam frame has been equipped with a sail-inspired rail.

from idea
of sustainable

The architect Federico Rossi, founding partner of the company, in full creative freedom, his only constraint the functionality, has given life to a new concept of cargo-bike.

Federico Rossi
Two seats, full comfort.

Its original and innovative design make the Ondawagon a real two-seater eBike. Thanks to the double seat, the full comfort and relaxation of the passenger is also guaranteed.

Shimano gearbox with Nexus 5 gear hub

The control provides a low-energy rotational shifting action which does not depend on finger strength and allows you to keep your hands on the handlebars during shifting.

Brose Drive S Alu: 250 W 90 Nm.

Thanks to the magnesium structure Brose was able to reduce the weight of the motor by up to 500 grams. The revised design reduces the overall dimensions by 15% and improves temperature management.

it is certain that the Ondawagon project is the result of an intelligent alchemy of forms and functions, without neglecting the beauty of the whole, combined with a performance capable of surprising you and making you smile. I believe that Frederico Rossi thought of his cargocycle, when he designed it, as a made-to-measure suit, able to customize itself for all occasions, up to the point of hosting a person with whom you can share an experience that goes beyond a simple walk, but that projects you into a new travel dimension, in the name of modern and sustainable movement...

- Giacomo Bertolazzi

coordinatore IED Product Design Milano

Hello, we introduce ourselves, we are Paolo and Patrizia of Fevi. We deal with resale of innovative products. Your products are a valid proposal and for this, we thank you for your interest in our business. What can we help you with?

- Paolo e Patrizia

I still love the bike, our webshop is getting shape.
and will be fully operational whithin 4/8 weeks. Currently we are stil improving.

Can you please send me the possibilitys of rossi and bossi. To get it on our webshop.

Also i am interrested in perhaps other models,

Please can you send me as much info as possible, and look into the possibility for me to buy somthing of a demo bike?

- Peter-Paul Kester

Wery impressive!
Med vennlig hilsen / Kind regards

- Hans-Jørgen Fjuk


This kind of message we are happy to receive 🙂

Could you sent the broschure and presentation via email?

Kind regards

- Heiko

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